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Hi, i'm Andy

Thank you already for spending the time to listen to my tracks or even just view my page to see what i'm about. I love to compose in my spare time with music focusing on instrumental soundtracks from orchestral pieces to solo piano and electronic themes pieces. I've been a long time piano and guitar player (with a couple of other random instruments on the side) but since discovering the methods of recording myself playing and making my visualised tracks become reality has been the most rewarding hobby and I will continue to do it for as long as I am physically able to!

This subscription is not for making money and it has never been my motive with music, it is purely to help me with equipment replacement and any other little expenses that go into my music which can be tough.
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Thank you for any support you can give!

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Arcane Elements
Chelmsford, UK
Hi, i'm Andy, a Brighton University student from Chelmsford, Essex that has a passion for creating various types of unique soundtracks as a hobby for hopefully one day the opportunity to a dream and score a film or tv production!

I hope you enjoy the tracks i've made that can be downloaded free from here!

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